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Lighting is something that is important for any home or place of business. Not only is it important to make it where you can see to live and work, but it also creates a certain mood and ambiance - giving your home personality. One of the most popular lights used today are low energy downlights. Understanding exactly what these lights are and their benefits will help you as you decide on your home’s lighting plan. Read more

A downlight is a type of recessed light that throws light down into a narrow beam. When the light is on, it appears as though the light is shining directly from the ceiling. The light is made up of an inset housing, the bulb and possibly a transformer to convert the voltage.

There are many different types of downlights available, some of the best are those that can also help you save on your energy bill. These low voltage downlights or LED downlights are a great choice in many homes and in commercial settings too.

The advantages of downlights are numerous. First, they are a great choice in nearly any room. In fact they can even be installed underneath cabinets or benches. All that is required is enough room to hold the housing. Secondly, the lighting options are very flexible. You can use brighter or dimmer bulbs to create the lighting you need. Finally, downlights look good too. They are clean, modern and streamlined.

If you are interested in adding downlights to your home or office, Simply Lighting is the perfect place to shop. Our team of experts understand lighting and are happy to work with you on any type of project. Give us a call or contact us with any questions or concerns and let us help you finding the right downlights or other lighting option for you.

Low voltage halogen DownlightsLow voltage halogen Downlights
A superb range of quality low voltage recessed downlights in a variety of finishes.
Mains Downlights GU10Mains Downlights GU10
A great selection of quality mains voltage halogen downlights in various finishes.
Downlights with LED bulbsDownlights with LED bulbs
A range of downlights supplied complete with LED GU10 bulbs, the ultimate in energy saving!
Fire rated - Low voltage DownlightsFire rated - Low voltage Downlights
A range of quality low voltage fire rated downlights in a variety of finishes.
Fire Rated - Mains Downlights GU10Fire Rated - Mains Downlights GU10
A range of quality mains voltage fire rated downlights in a variety of finishes.
Firerated LED DownlightsFirerated LED Downlights
A range of Firerated LED downlights in a variety of finishes. These are the very latest technology and come with a 7 year guarantee.
Shower/Bathroom DownlightsShower/Bathroom Downlights
A range of IP recessed downlights suitable for use in all areas of the bathroom including showers.
Downlight Converter PlatesDownlight Converter Plates
Downlight converter plates designed to convert existing large downlight holes to modern halogen downlights. Includes standard and bathroom versions.
Surface DownlightsSurface Downlights
A range of surface mounted downlights designed for use where recessed downlights cannot be used due to lack of recess depth.
Crystal Low Voltage Recessed DownlightsCrystal Low Voltage Recessed Downlights
A stunning selection of high quality decorative crystal recessed downlights
Reflector DownlightsReflector Downlights
A range of traditional style reflector downlights (R50, R63 and R80) and eyeball fittings in a variety of finishes.
Transformers for DownlightsTransformers for Downlights
Low voltage lighting transformers suitable for use with downlights.
Accessories for DownlightsAccessories for Downlights
Various spares and accessories for downlights including firehoods, lampholders and spring clips.
LED Dedicated DownlightsLED Dedicated Downlights
A range of dedicated LED downlights with the LED's built in, the ultimate in energy saving!

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