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Outdoor Lighting

When the weather turns from cold to warm, more people want to spend time on the deck, patio or other outdoor living areas. This is great during the day, but can be fun at night too - with the right outdoor lighting. Whether you are interested in modern outdoor wall lights, spike lights to light up trees and bushes or a traditional lantern, there are many options available to you. Read more

When you add outdoor lighting, or outdoor decking lights, you can create an atmosphere that will be comfortable for you, your family and friends. That is because outdoor lights do not have to be boring. There are actually dozens of different types of lights that you can choose for your outdoor area. You can choose lights that blend in with the scenery or those that become the scenery.

Another type of outdoor lighting you may consider is lighting to use on a path or walkway. These lanterns or light poles are useful not just for their good looks, but because they can make your walkways even safer. Along these same lines, another type of lighting that is becoming popular is ground lighting. This can be used on the side of the driveway or walkway to better illuminate it during the night time hours.

You could shop for outdoor lighting nearly anywhere, so why should you choose Simply Lighting? Our selection is out of this world-this alone is reason enough for many people to choose us over the competition. However, you can also rest assured that we take your satisfaction very seriously. You will find that when you visit our website or call us that we are always there for you, to help you choose the right lighting for your patio, deck or any other place inside or outside your home or office.

Outdoor Decking and GroundlightsOutdoor Decking and Groundlights
A range of lights suitable for recessing into decking or the ground. Ideal for highlighting drives, paths and patio areas.
Outdoor Half LanternsOutdoor Half Lanterns
A collection of exterior half lanterns.
Outdoor Halogen FloodlightsOutdoor Halogen Floodlights
A range of halogen floodlights, some with integral PIRs. (Passive Infrared movement detection)
Outdoor LED FittingsOutdoor LED Fittings
A superb selection of outdoor LED fittings.
Outdoor LED FloodlightsOutdoor LED Floodlights
A comprehensive range of LED floodlights. Utilising the latest LED technology, and available in a variety of sizes, they are an ideal energy saving alternative to a halogen floodlight. Some are available with integral PIRs.
Outdoor Pillars/Pedestals/ColumnsOutdoor Pillars/Pedestals/Columns
A selection of columns, pedestals and pillars in different finishes.
Outdoor PIR and Dusk/Dawn sensorsOutdoor PIR and Dusk/Dawn sensors
A range of outdoor PIR and dusk until dawn sensors ideal for use in security lighting installations.
Outdoor PIR Lanterns/Wall LightsOutdoor PIR Lanterns/Wall Lights
Outdoor lights with integral PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor. Detects movement and switches on automatically for added security.
Outdoor Porch Lanterns/Flush FittingsOutdoor Porch Lanterns/Flush Fittings
Outdoor ceiling fittings designed for use in porches.
Outdoor PostsOutdoor Posts
Single, double and three light posts in a varierty of finishes.
Outdoor Recessed Wall LightsOutdoor Recessed Wall Lights
A selection of exterior wall lights in various finishes designed for recessing into walls etc
Outdoor Spike SpotlightsOutdoor Spike Spotlights
A superb range of outdoor spike spotlights ideal for highlighting shrubs, bushes and trees.
Outdoor Wall LanternsOutdoor Wall Lanterns
An extensive range of traditional, modern and contemporary outdoor wall lanterns.
Outdoor Wall LightsOutdoor Wall Lights
Various outdoor wall lights including bulkhead fittings and up/down lights.

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